Why should you travel with Sterling Vacations


Well, we’re not ‘all tour operators”.

We only serve a select few clients. We focus on a limited number of services. We narrow our search criteria to target the very best service. And then we throw constraint out of the window, and deliver an extraordinary level of service, covering a comprehensive and ever-growing range of solutions.
Experience our passion for results once, and you’ll never want – or need – to work with another travel agent again. But although we’re driven, we never forget we’re in a people business. We love what we do, and we want you to feel the same.
When it stops being fun, we’ll stop doing it.
Until then, welcome to a very different way of travelling

Sterling Vacations Pvt. Ltd.

is in the business since 2005. In 2011 it became a Private Limited entity rendering it not only responsible to its clients and customers but to all the concerned with stakes in this Industry. It diligently follows Government Stipulations.

Tours for International Clients:

Sterling Vacations Pvt. Ltd. has been serving travellers of USA, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica from the Americas; the UK, Switzerland, France, Netherlands in Europe, Singapore, Malaysia from the South East Asia, South Africa. It has been the honest friend to all travellers coming into the Incredible Land called INDIA and to those who had long cherished desire to roam the fabulous lands of the world.

Professional Network:

Professional associations with the hotels and ground service providers across the country enable the company to give the clients the best value for money and make it the most attractive tour operator for you.
Professional Services: Prompt responses to each individual and specific requirement of the traveller has earned it a reputation as one of the best and most efficient tour and travel operators in India by both our clients and our partners. Monitoring of the tours and quick intuitive actions during the tour does make the guests comfortable and well looked after.

Experiential Journeys:

Sterling Vacations is bound by commitment to arranging travel to the minutiae details reserving the best accommodation, sightseeing and engaging day activities, and transportation and guide services commensurate to the specific requirements of the clients programme.

WOW Elements:

Sterling Vacations is ever more geared to make the guests experience the various facets of cultures and ethnicity of the lands travelled through experienced and knowledgeable trip leaders and guides.

Hand Picked Itineraries:

The itineraries are to set to match the pace and taste of the travellers. No wonder we have been silently performing to the expectations of all, and this is also reflected in our being referred to friends and making our guests coming to us again and again.

Exceptional Support:

Eager to support and assist with all information in as transparent manner as possible. The company always strives to go an extra mile and mostly beyond the call of the duty to just make the trip a success. Due diligence necessarily ingrained in our basic approach.

Online Presence & Services:

In an effort to reach out to the people who are remotely placed and would like to have their travel arranged through the internet we have come online so to deliver right in their comfort zones. We have put indicative itineraries for many destinations of the world. However, it is to be emphasized travel plans can be customized to specific tastes spruced with our suggestions to make clients visits pleasant, value for money and above all an experience to remember.