About Sterling Vacations Pvt. Ltd.: Sterling Vacations Pvt. Ltd. stands as a beacon of excellence in the travel and tourism industry, led by the accomplished academic and industry professional, Dr. Syed Wali Khaled. The company, under his visionary leadership, has achieved remarkable milestones and contributed significantly to the realm of accessible tourism, entrepreneurship, and innovation.


1. Academic Prowess:


Dr. Khaled’s academic contributions have elevated Sterling Vacations to a position of prominence. His Ph.D. thesis on “Travel experiences and accessibility Requirements of Tourists with Limited Mobility” serves as the foundation for the company’s commitment to inclusive tourism.


2. Publications and Research:


The company takes pride in Dr. Khaled’s extensive publications and research initiatives, including insightful papers on coping strategies of Indian tour operators during the COVID-19 pandemic and negotiation strategies for service captive mobility-restricted travelers. Sterling Vacations aligns itself with cutting-edge insights, staying at the forefront of industry knowledge.


3. Industry Leadership:


Dr. Khaled’s leadership roles in the travel sector, including Managing Director at Sterling Vacations, reflect the company’s commitment to operational excellence. His hands-on experience in managing operations and sales has steered Sterling Vacations towards industry leadership.


4. Educational Initiatives:


Sterling Vacations actively engages in educational initiatives, echoing Dr. Khaled’s diverse range of expertise. The company’s commitment to imparting knowledge, from adventure tourism to sustainable tourism, ensures that clients receive well-informed and curated travel experiences.


5. Conference Contributions:


The company’s involvement in conference organization, such as the Rajasthan Domestic Tourism Stakeholders’ Conclave and the International Conference on Enterprise and Entrepreneurialism in Tourism and Hospitality, highlights Sterling Vacations’ dedication to industry dialogue and advancement.


6. Inclusive Tourism Advocacy:


Sterling Vacations’ commitment to inclusive tourism mirrors Dr. Khaled’s personal dedication. The company actively supports and participates in initiatives that promote accessibility and inclusivity in the travel experience.


7. Industry Recognition:


Dr. Khaled’s affiliations with professional associations, such as the Association of Domestic Tour Operators of India, and his leadership roles therein, underscore Sterling Vacations’ recognition within the industry.


8. Ongoing Projects:


The ongoing ICSSR Short-term Empirical Research Project, “Impact of Start-ups on Social & Economic Dimension of Economy,” reflects Sterling Vacations’ commitment to exploring new dimensions in the tourism sector.


9. Rajasthan’s Craft Heritage Project:


The company’s involvement in the ongoing project, “Crafts Heritage of Rajasthan and Gujarat,” showcases its dedication to preserving and promoting the cultural richness of the region.


10. Webinars and Lectures:


Sterling Vacations actively participates in webinars and lectures, contributing to thought leadership in the industry. The company’s involvement in seminars like “Investing in People, Planet, and Prosperity” and discussions on sustainability and immersive technology exemplify its forward-thinking approach.